I’m Just Trying To Be The Best Fish Mom I Can Be

When I got back to campus after winter break, I was so excited to see my fish again. My friend had taken care of Queenie and Mad Eye Moody (yes my two beta fish are named after characters in the Harry Potter franchise) for the two weeks because she lived in state. I picked them up from my friends dorm room the night I got back, and felt glad to have them back in their spot in my room.

I added more fresh water into their containers, but then as the semester classes started I got too busy to switch it again a week later like I was supposed to. Instead, I didn’t switch out their water again until yesterday. Now my fish are happily swimming in fresh water, but I’m left floundering.

The semester has been great so far. I’m still enjoying my classes,  I don’t have that much work, and yet for some reason I’ve been feeling overwhelmed. I had the time to switch out the fish water earlier, but I never had the energy to do it. I don’t have much homework and yet I keep mixing it up and doing it at the wrong time.

Luckily,  I’m starting to pull myself back into the swing of getting things done. This is mostly due to the fact that so far this semester I’ve become even closer with one of my friends. We’ve started working out together which has increased my motivation, and we’ve loved having Disney movie nights to de-stress together. Plus she’s a great person to talk to. Here’s a random fact she told me: humans are somewhat closely related to fish, and we actually have gills early on in our development before birth.

This fact doesn’t really relate to me taking care of my fish, and I haven’t checked to see if it’s true, it’s just fun and about fish like this blog post is this week. Anyways, hopefully I’ll get more used to the different setup of this semester soon, and be as happy as my fish are in their clean water.


Hi! I’m a freshman in the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance, studying Theatre Design and Production. I’m so excited to be studying something that combines my two biggest hobbies: theatre and art. But when I’m not doing either of those, you’ll probably find me reading, exploring the outdoors, or taking a nap. Follow along with my college experience through my blog posts. Thanks for reading!

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