The Poetry Snapshot: Trusting to Fly

The first sight.
Light gleaming in my eyes,
and I squint to make sense of the complexity
within the simple sunrise in front of me.

The first few moments adjusting are uncomfortable.
Yet, we manage to blink through the discomfort
to catch a glimpse of color.

We wake up to see the sun rise
because we trust in the beauty of the sight.
Yet when it comes to our sense of freedom,
our 6th sense, we fall short.

We do not trust in the value of our freedom.
Not our political freedom
or any other constructed version of liberty.
Rather, our innate freedom,
free-falling through life.
The feeling of opening our wings,
and taking a leap.

Nashville Wings © Neha Allathur Photography

We do not trust in the value of our freedom.
We do not think the leap is worth it,
because we feel comfort in our seat.
Trusting to fly requires hope,
that the flight will be as vibrant
as the morning sunrise.

Open those wings,
you do not need to know the beauty of the flight
before you fly.
Trusting to fly is beauty in itself.


Student studying Business and minoring in the School of Social Work. Passionate about documenting the world around us--the environment, the culture, and the people--through photography and poetry!

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