The Poetry Snapshot: The Lotus Perspective of Uncertainty

Chaos is an inner feeling of the unknown.
It feeds off of fear and thrives in uncertainty.

People like routines.
We like predicting the future and staying on track.
Because the worst sensation of betrayal and heartbreak
come when we are blindsided.
And at a primitive level:
those who stayed alert,
stayed alive.

Lotus by Maria Venardis | Thrive Global

I want to look past my concentrated fear of uncertainty.
Because even in muddy waters,
a lotus finds the power to blossom.

Times of change may seem like the end,
but our environments only take us so far.
Take control of your narrative,
because we still have the power to blossom.


Student studying business and minoring in community action and social change. Passionate about expressing the unsaid thoughts and unseen emotions around us, through photography and poetry!

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