Ramadan is a month in which Muslims around the world begin fasting from sunrise to sunset for a month. A typical Muslim would wake up for suhoor, a meal before fasting begins. This meal is recommended, even if it is just dates and water. Later, the Muslim would go about their typical day, work, school etc until it is time to break fast. Some would break fast at home, some would break fast, or iftar, at the mosque. Later, optional additional prayers are made after the compulsory night prayer, Isyak. These prayers are optional and is said to increase a Muslim’s reward in the afterlife.

However, abstaining from food and drinks are not the only things that are avoided during the fast. Muslims abstain from smoking and having sex. Other things such as intentionally vomiting also break the fast.

Ramadan marks the month that Allah, or God, gave the first chapters of the Quran which is the holy book in Islam. It is a month in which Muslims observe self-reflection and get closer to God. Fasting is not only a means to empathize with the poor, but is a form of commitment to God. Since this month is said to multiply any rewards associated with good deeds, Muslims are encouraged to do extra prayers, donate money for noble causes and help the poor.

Some people are exempted from observing the fast, such as those who are pregnant, menstruating, ill, traveling and frail.

Typically during Ramadan, I especially look forward to the community iftars and collective prayers. However, seeing that the stay-at-home orders continue, all mosques are closed and we have to stay inside and observe Ramadan indoors. All prayers and iftars will be observed with my roommate, who thankfully is here with me so I am not completely alone.

This Ramadan will certainly be a different one for me.


Some things to wish to your Muslim friends this Ramadan:

Ramadan Mubarak – Have a blessed Ramadan

Ramadan Kareem – May you have a generous Ramadan

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