The Poetry Snapshot: Another Corner of the Bedroom

I walk into my bedroom tonight.
Like second nature after a long, busy day,
I get up to turn off the light
and scroll my time and confidence away.

But the fan on the ceiling distracts me.
The blades create a patterned shadow on the walls
and the breeze touches my face lightly.
Have I not felt this before?

And then I am bothered by the crooked lamp on the table.
A soft buzz emanates from the fluorescent static
and it stands there mocking me with its instability.
Have I not seen this before?

Finally my eyes wander over to a marathon medal.
The shiny bronze engraving hangs on a white and blue ribbon
and makes a systematic click every so often.
Have I not heard this before?

 Source: One Point Perspective Drawings

I get up to turn off the light,
Like second nature, I assume.
But as I sit on the floor
in another corner of the room,
I realize this is not my bedroom.


Student studying business and minoring in community action and social change. Passionate about expressing the unsaid thoughts and unseen emotions around us, through photography and poetry!

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