Study Hal: Week 1 – Quiet Time

Everyone, this is Hal! He’s a student at the University of Michigan. Through the summer of 2020, he’s stuck at home like the rest of us. He’ll be back every week to share with you some of the good, bad, and plain unexpected things that come with moving back home during a pandemic.

This week, Hal’s been aching for some alone time. He wants to enjoy his book, but it seems like everyone else has other plans for the afternoon… Is there ever a moment when someone isn’t mowing their lawn?

Leila Mullison

Hey there! My name is Leila. I'm a Stamps student in the class of '21, and I specialize in stop-motion animation. This summer, I'm making a series or videos inspired by my current situation: living in my hometown after my study abroad was cut short. Check out the tag "Study Hal" to see more!

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5 Comments on "Study Hal: Week 1 – Quiet Time"

8 days 15 hours ago

0:36 I have never related more! These are absolutely brilliant, amazing work Leila!!

1 month 8 days ago

Amazing work! Looking forward to seeing more of these cute clips!

1 month 12 days ago

listening to lawnmowers while trying to watch this… ugh.

Henry K
1 month 14 days ago

This is RAD!