Study Hal: Week 4 – Practice and Patience

In the quest to be more mindful, Hal has started learning about origami! It was supposed to be a way to relieve stress, but, he’s been frustrated that he can’t even make a paper crane… He was up late last night trying to get it to work. It seems like practicing and sticking with something can actually pay off!

Hobbies are a cool way to make time for yourself and feel productive at the same time. Reading, crafting, and making art all let you take a minute to breathe while they provide you with a concrete accomplishment! What hobbies have you been keeping up with?

Hal is a U-Mich student who’s moved home for the summer of 2020. Every week, he’ll be here to share his experiences of this odd time. If you want to see more, search the Study Hal tag!

Leila Mullison

Hey there! My name is Leila. I'm a Stamps student in the class of '21, and I specialize in stop-motion animation. This summer, I'm making a series or videos inspired by my current situation: living in my hometown after my study abroad was cut short. Check out the tag "Study Hal" to see more!

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2 months 5 days ago

I love Hal!