Artist Spotlight: The Wonderful World of Julian Glander

Google “Julian Glander” and you’ll be met with an array of colorful, whimsical images of anthropomorphic animals or chubby blobs. Enter the world of Julian Glander, a young 3D artist based in the United States. Known for his fantastical animations, his impressive portfolio consists of editorial illustrations, quirky animations, comics, and even a couple video games. He has worked with Adult Swim, Disney, the New York Times, and more impressive clients.

Overall, Glander’s style is overwhelmingly colorful and vibrant. Round blob people move in intriguing ways surrounded by explosions, rainbow tears, and sparkles. It’s the type of art you can stare at for hours, and something I would imagine an [illicit substance] trip to be like. What wows me about Julian Glander is his prolific creativity–it’s evident that he is an artist who never stops making. Immerse yourself in these wonderful illustrations and be sure to check out more of his work!


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