There, I Will Wait

In the dance department, the first year dance majors are part of a company (first year touring company) their second semester. The department brings in two outside choreographers/professional dancers to set pieces, as well as,  three juniors are chosen to set choreography on the freshman. For the juniors chosen this is many of their first times choreographing and setting movement on dancers in a formal setting. I was one of the lucky juniors chosen. I was so excited to workshop my choreography with the group of freshman that I hand picked to be my cast, however, our time was cut short before I had the opportunity to finish and clean the dance, and before the freshman had the opportunity to perform any of the dances they had been working on for the semester.

Working with the First Year Touring Company (FYTC) was amazing. My cast was a group of open-minded, talented, and welcoming seven dancers. I wish I had more time with them in rehearsal to clean and polish this dance and I wish that they would have been able to perform it. With the help of Zachary Morris, we recorded all of the hard work that we have put in to this dance this past semester before everyone went home.

Thank you to my amazing cast for being so open-minded and willing to try new things. Thank you to Zach for coming in and recording these talented artists so last minute. Thank you Claire Difranco for helping me edit this music because I didn’t know what I was doing. Finally, thank you FYTC for allowing me to choreograph for you, it was a pleasure 🙂

Music: There Will Be Time- Mumford & Sons and Baaba Maal
I Will Wait- Mumford and sons
Music cut: Claire Difranco and Sara Fox
Videographer: Zach Morris
Dancers: Jack Randall, Grace Mahalick, Hallie Atzen, Brooke Ester, Alissa Rebagliati, Katey Besser, and Chloe Chodorow
Choreography: Sara Fox
Video edit: Sara Fox

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