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another thing i really enjoy writing about is connection. and while this is a very broad topic that tons of people enjoy writing about, and many people in general strive to understand, it still has its interesting aspects. there’s so many ways to approach understanding connections, and we can find ways to translate these methods and processes of thought over to many (if not, all) other displays of connection that are seemingly unrelated.

i’ve realized that i often times glorify perfect human connection, and this forces me to neglect entire aspects of my relationship with another person, work of art, myself, etc. i often times try to assign blame to myself, the other person, or both for the flaws that exist in the relationship, when in reality, trying to foster perfect connection is virtually impossible. we can get lucky in our lives and find people we “click” with, or overcome obstacles in our relationships that enables them to grow for the better, but what does it really mean to connect?

i feel that a connection isn’t just about similarities, but it’s also about the ways in which you challenge them and they challenge you; butting heads, trying to get past each other’s walls, the things we empathize with and the things we could never understand. it’s becoming increasingly interesting to think about in the context of 2020, and the ways in which i think about the people, institutions and systems (created by people) that harm people with my identities.

anyway — that’s all a part of it. that’s why i believe there are infinite ways to connect with someone or something. this concept gave way to this poem, in which i approach my relationship with my mom from a place i never have before with a experiences that i’ve ever thought about deeply until recently.

taken in the law quad last year. by me.


the cramps come dance on my mama’s legs at night

setting light in her thighs, she stomps them out in the hallway.


when the cramps throw a dagger at her, my door flies 

open. the bat signal we negotiated with having said nothing. 


my hands pressure the bed. my hands, a servant to thee.

i came running from the shadows, the forest of my dreams


to hook my arm in yours in this hallway drenched in drowsy silhouettes and walk.

i pledge to rid the body of all that is wrong right next to you. 


this is how i’ve figured to give my love to thee:

one, two, and—if needed—another step times three. 




detroit born & raised sophomore, non-binary, driven by the arts. 'waves' is being created so that its creator and (hopefully) readers may learn how to cope with- and navigate through a global pandemic together. check out my website www.smittycommittee.com

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3 months 24 days ago

I like that this flips the typical mother-child relationship without saying it explicitly.