Antidote to Apathy: Daring to Hope- Reflections on the Election

Though we’d narrowly missed the worst outcome, we certainly hadn’t gotten anything close to the best. In fact, I’m not really even sure what is the best outcome in a place as broken as America, founded on histories of injustice and blood. As I watched Joe Biden give his speech, that we’re not red states or blue states, but the Unites States, the patriotism felt alienating to me, as the fireworks lit up the sky on the screen, the light so artificial against the starless sky, I wondered why I had ever believed in their promises. But whether or not hope is real, whether or not I can look at the world with the serious anticipation of its success and goodness and beauty, whether or not I believe that things will get better– it doesn’t matter. I have to hope that they do.

Fareah Fysudeen

An English and Philosophy student trying to find her way in this big, big world. Aspiring writer, scholar, showtune belter, ardent hater of tomatoes.

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