Giving Up

Am I the story with broken chapters 

Riddled with typos 

Contradictions and plot holes? 

Do I have creased corners 

On crinkled pages? 

Molded over dusty desks 

Marked by finger swipes 

Do spiders make their homes on my surface? 

Stretch their webs around bookshelves? 

Bending by the weight 

Of my words

Mattie Grace Levy

I'm a black woman, a classically trained oboist, a self-taught composer, and an introspective poet trying to comprehend my thoughts.

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2 Comments on "Giving Up"

Garrett Alvin
1 month 16 days ago

I think we’re all contradictions and plot holes when it comes down to it.

Mattie Levy
12 days 7 hours ago

Glad I’m not the only one who feels that way thanks for reading