a slight pang in my chest                           

travels down to my stomach 

and sits 

sometimes it doesn’t come till later 

until after something 

or after nothing happens 


I wonder

if the feeling from my chest

after something or nothing

now sitting in my stomach

will be there later 

it has nothing to do, but sit


it is natural to sit

after something happens 

after pain leaves the chest

if pain leaves the chest


I wonder 

if their silence

after I address it

is for listening 

for processing or 

for confusion 



must I re-examine our past 

is it tainted?


aggression or understanding?


was that slight tingle  

something I should’ve cried over or 

something I should have brushed past?

Mattie Grace Levy

I'm a black woman, a classically trained oboist, a self-taught composer, and an introspective poet trying to comprehend my thoughts.

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