Artist Spotlight: Jeffrey Cheung and There Skateboards

Artist, skateboarder, and musician Jeffrey Cheung, based in California, is known for his work in carving out space in historically heterosexual, white spaces, namely skateboarding. In 2017, he and his partner founded Unity, a skateboard company/community/printing press, and now runs There Skateboards, a collective also dedicated to supporting queer and trans skateboarders of color (QTPOC).

Although skateboarding is known for pushing boundaries, it is an activity that has been dominated by white men since its inception. Women and skaters of color are rising in popularity, yet skating remains rife with misogyny. Cheung’s collectives work to fight for marginalized voices and expand diversity, hosting skate sessions and art shows with different communities. There Skateboards also sponsors several pro queer skateboarders–including Cher Strauberry (who has started new brand Glue Skateboards) and Marbie Miller. Unity and There are more DIY and “underground” companies spearheaded by an authentic artist.

Cheung’s art itself speaks toward his mission; they are colorful, androgynous figures that are vibrant and dynamic. They interact with each other and seem to spread the message that self-love as well as community are important. Featuring an assortment of tees, hoodies, prints, skateboards, and even a collaboration with Adidas Skateboarding, Cheung and his company, as well as other queer skaters of color are make a big and refreshing difference in the world of skateboarding.

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