After arriving at the unknown planet currently known as Ellea, Milo and Ed spot a robotic creature–similar to the ones that the previous meteor released. Not only does the creature catch their attention, but also the eerie deep holes on Ellea that seem to contain tubes filled with liquid, spinal cords, and robot parts. The tubes seem to resemble the projects SALV Corp has been working on–the production of SALV robots to protect humanity. It seems like Milo and Ed are not alone, as two mysterious figures spy on them from a distance.

+Author’s Comment+

I am back! I just want to clarify that the name Ellea doesn’t mean anything, I just thought it sounded cool. 😄 Hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas; only three more days of 2020 left!

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Hi everyone, my name is Katherine Lee and I'm an undergraduate student at STAMPS. Hope you enjoy your stay here now that you've found my illustrations!

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