Study Hal: Week 31 – Dream Destination

Happy first day of classes! Did you enjoy your break? Hal certainly did, but, his transition back to classes was… A little rough. Wouldn’t we all rather be on a beach somewhere? Especially when the alternative is this classic Michigan snow-rain.

Hal and I are sending good vibes for this semester. How was your first day of classes? While it might have been challenging, the bright side is that it’s nice to be back in a routine again. Keep up the great work!

If you’re new here, welcome! Hal is a U-M student studying remotely this year, and graduating with me after this winter! He’s back on Tuesdays with fun adventures, so be sure to check in or to check the Study Hal tag for more.

Leila Mullison

Hey there! I'm a senior at Stamps specializing in stop-motion animation. My video series is about Hal, a U-M student taking remote classes from his childhood home. Find it by searching "Study Hal"! While you're at it, check out my Instagram: @lrmull.

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1 month 13 days ago

LOOOOVVVVE the waves– what a creatively inexact way to imitate them!