poco piano: real life

Every musician encounters this never ending nightmare sometime. This winter break, I encountered it head-on, Pachelbel’s Canon in D. I had this recording gig to play at my friend’s church. They actually specifically requested Pachelbel. Honestly I have nothing (only a some bit) against the Canon, but somehow this piece just haunts every musician. It’s goes on forever and in this case, I had to play most of the extra lines. ~sigh~ Honestly, this piece gave me such a headache because it never went anywhere; it was same chords over and over again. This is reality for a musician in the 21st century though. There’s gigs to do and every wedding wants to walk down the aisle with this in the background. Just gotta grit your teeth and give the people what they want. AND THE PEOPLE WANT CANON IN D!


Just a pianist;)

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2 years 1 month ago

The last two lines made me laugh because Canon in D truly is the bane of seemingly every musician’s existence. This reminded me of a time during high school band leadership camp when all of the leadership teams gathered to watch a music-themed stand-up show (what a niche) and not only was the Canon in D segment the longest by far, it also got the most reactions out of students. It unites us all, even if only through haunting.