Milo and Ed get to know more about Kira and Zion, who were born and raised on planet Ellea. The siblings take the two to their hometown and explain that the village they lived in as a child was wiped out and their parents, along with everyone else, were murdered by the robots that populate the planet. Kira and Zion speculate that these robots were made by an organization named +KHAOS+, which seem to have larger but obscure plans behind.

+Author’s Comment+

Just for clarification, the character with the long hair next to Milo is Kira (female) and the character next to her is Zion (male). Kira lost her arm when she was eight, back when the robots massacred everyone living in her village. Zion was only seven back then.
Although Kira’s right arm is prosthetic, there are still some nerves that run through the limb that helps her feel.

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Hi everyone, my name is Katherine Lee and I'm an undergraduate student at STAMPS. Hope you enjoy your stay here now that you've found my illustrations!

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