The Artist’s Panel: Vintage

Jay Campbell is a third year student at Stamps. He transferred to Stamps from a community college in Austin, Texas, after working as a sign designer for roughly a decade. In going back to school, Jay hoped to explore a world beyond sign design. Because Stamps is a multidisciplinary institution that encourages it’s students to explore a wide variety of mediums and ideas, it was a great place for Jay to expand his practice. Currently, Jay is studying illustration, brand identity design, and graphic design. He is also doing freelance work on top of his schooling. To follow Jay’s pursuit for new horizons and to see his incredible work, you can find him on Instagram at @jayallencampbell!

Calin Firlit

I make weekly comics that highlight the work of creative people at the University of Michigan. I hope that telling these stories will not only draw attention to the incredible talent at this university, but inspire you—the reader—as well.

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