I remembered that scent 

The one that smogged the halls of a peopled building

The one that gave generations of hands

Motivation to graze walls


I see myself

Looking both ways to walk 4 feet

Inhaling the stench

Of phones scrolling

While the body works


I heard craned necks

Focusing on computer screens

Eyes scrambling to keep up

With the notes on a page

The tones of a lecture

Or the drones of a beat


They walked outside

To eat their lunches in hideaways

Marked by their names

They talk between the walls

Not through them

Gaze at the backs of heads

Not into eyes

Rest awake

Sleep through dreams

Mattie Grace Levy

I'm a black woman, a classically trained oboist, a self-taught composer, and an introspective poet trying to comprehend my thoughts.

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2 Comments on "I remembered that scent "

25 days 2 hours ago

Remember actually seeing people? That was nice sometimes. I kind of miss that.