The Magician’s Diaries: Pixie Fire

Hello my children,

This week, my superiors have informed me that you students are entitled to a day of “free thought and relaxation”, and I must admit I found that to be absurd when placed in the context of us magicians. We are spirits bound to the continuous and intense study of the world around us, and to rupture one’s focus could mean that some day along the line a vital piece of information could result in your untimely demise, body flaily lifeless in the jaws of some mutated toad which sinks into the pond with your name never to be uttered again.

However, as you have come all this way to attend my office hours, then it’s the very least I can do to cover a topic of relative levity.

I find that I am repeating myself in these lectures, but it is true that one must hear something many times over until information finds its place into your head: fey are creatures of great allure with ill intent hidden beneath their visage of seduction. At its most basic form, fey are a light which engulfs us moral folk in passion and scaring flame.

With this I of course am referring to the pixie. These creatures thrive on ignorance, so I see your education as a sworn duty of mine. You will find in your travels that less educated folk hold a deep fondness for the enchanted magical nature of the unknown.

Pixies are significantly smaller than fairies or sprites, being able to fit into the palm of your hand quite snugly. Rarely does one get to see the true figure of a pixie, but I assure you that from what you might expect you will be either horrified or truly disappointed. Their mouths are lined with many, many rows of teeth, and they find their sustenance from sucking the blood of travelers who make their way unknowingly through enchanted groves. The imprints will last months and months as the toxins of the fairy slowly infect the mind and entice you to return even after you’ve made your way hundreds of miles out of its vicinity.

Again, fey are tied to their natural environments, and they prefer to confront victims in packs in order to overwhelm them. Travelers are most easily deceived at night. Pixies will take on the appearance of a dancing light in the distance, forming paths of flame deeper and deeper through the trees until their victim has found their way into their doom. It is currently unknown what immediately happens to the victim as they are being tortured and warped by pixie magic, however, I have seen first hand the soulless, contorted faces of the curious ignorant folk now standing solemnly as warning signs. 


I have a hard time sympathizing with such victims. You think that as soon as you notice the common giant mushroom and strange movement in your peripheral vision that you would realize your mistake and that you must turn around at once. It’s a matter of that essential field experience and understanding when your curiosity has gotten you over your head. I know for certain that I have been close many times, but it is the unique ability of us best magicians to be able to rescue ourselves from our own hubris.


Children, please enjoy yourselves and enjoy the sunlight while you still can, for the day may come soon where you are lured into the darkness with no promise of returning.


Until next time,


-The Magician


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