poco piano: underwater

The water is rippling ever so slightly. It glimmers of the sunshine of possibilities. It glitters with the darkness of secrets. It ripples endlessly. The sea has always been here and will exist long after the bones of our offspring return to dust. Out of the calm rivulets of water is a voice so sweet and enchanting. Its purity and beauty is unworldly and strikes at your heart. You cannot help but lean into the water, perhaps to gather more of its ethereal sounds into your ear. Wide eyed in wonder, you are drawn to the water as the voice invites you in. Its purity is blemished by a hint of desire that vanishes before you can capture it in your mind. Who possesses this enchanting voice that has taken hold of your heart?

‘Tis the water nymph Ondine.

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Dana Rath
1 month 9 days ago