The Poetry Snapshot: To Feel Safe

Boulder, Colorado

A trailhead welcomes you
like open doors at night.
Evergreen branches reach out
to hold you tight.
Foot steps sink into the piercing snow;
your fears melt away
as you glide down the Meadow.
Listening to whispered sighs of relief
as you stand between the trees,
you think about your overwhelm not too long ago.

Mountains stand tall;
a pedestal for the sky.
Gusts of wind rock the car;
a frightful lullaby.
This canvas is painted with shades of white.
Earth is tainted by my headlights.
Constantly changing, nature rearranging,
you create an eternity and capture its theatricality.
Its landscaped stages embody surreal immortality.

To feel safe without four walls is bliss.
Protected by a twinkling night star kiss.
City lights do not shine down here,
but somehow you trust the abyss.

Warm cups of sunrises to sip on
and 5 soft smiles at the break of dawn,
I slowly start to reminisce.


Student studying business and minoring in community action and social change. This is a collection of my poetry and photography to express the unsaid thoughts and unseen emotions around us.

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