The Artist’s Panel: Self-Care


Hello all! As many of you may know, today was the second and final university-sanctioned Wellness Day of the semester. I know that it is difficult to focus on wellness for a day at this point in the semester, but I hope that students and faculty alike could take some time to focus on mental health. Mental health is something that I am extremely passionate about and it’s a common theme in my artistic work, so I always take the opportunity to talk about it when I can! I’d love for this post to serve as a check-in for anyone that may need it. Feel free to comment below about how you are, what you did for the Wellness Day today, or what your favorite things to do to take care of your mental health are. Personally, I tried to spend some time working on homework outdoors, and I made sure to cuddle with my adorable cat, Juniper! I drew the things I did for my mental health today in the image above. Be well!

Calin Firlit

I make weekly comics that highlight the work of creative people at the University of Michigan. I hope that telling these stories will not only draw attention to the incredible talent at this university, but inspire you—the reader—as well.

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