the rose vine – “Bronze Sunrise”

“Bronze Sunrise”

Light permeates the room through the blinds on my bedroom window.

Warmth kisses my skin for the first time in what feels like months.

Though I am still exhausted something feels different today.

The weights placed on my body now lifted, though my bones

still ache from the ghost of their presence.


I sit up in bed, a seemingly simple task transformed

from impossible to merely extremely difficult.

Minute steps forward after weeks of falling back

seem odd to celebrate, but I need a victory.

They clap from the stands when the injured limps off the field.

Ezra Rose (she/ they)

Hi, my name is Ezra Rose, I am gender fluid and nonbinary and my pronouns are primarily she/ they. I write a lot of poetry about my experiences and observations. I'm also a huge Joshua Jennifer Espinoza fan, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her poetry if you are interested in trans and nonbinary poets who have much more experience than me.

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