Laying Down the Sound: Unraveling – Episode 3

Welcome back to week 7 of Laying Down the Sound! This is the 3rd episode of the series focused on my song “Unraveling.” After finishing up with the acoustic composition last time, I shift my focus in this video to the recording side of things, going through the various parts that comprise the song. I explain the reasons for the decisions I made along the way and demonstrate how certain parts are played. In total, this video covers everything up until the second verse. Next time, I’ll pick up where I left off and likely bring the “Unraveling” series of videos to a conclusion. Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoy!

Dominic Manzo

Hello! I'm Dominic Manzo, a self-taught, self-recording musician hoping to share my creative process with anyone interested; hopefully what I've learned along the way can be of some benefit to someone out there. My intention is to take the viewer, via a series of videos, on a journey from the inception of a mere musical idea to the ultimate completion of a song. I've made public various standalone tracks in the past and recently released a 9-track album (it's titled "Summer . . . and Some" and can be found on YouTube under "Mr.TheDom" or on Bandcamp under my full name). My process behind creating these previous tracks will be here in focus. Acoustic guitar and vocals are typically the central components of my music, but I mix in other sounds as well. The purpose of this series is to illuminate my process of laying down the sounds that, when put together, become a song.

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