End of the Year Performance Must Go-See’s

Hello! As the year wraps up and people begin to leave Ann Arbor the online performance opportunities are not quite through yet! Here are the links to some to keep your eye out for!


Dance Mix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drn-R1_jC3s

Traditionally Dance Mix is an evening performance in the Power Center with about 8 dance groups. Each group gets to performance two dances or sets on stage. All of the dancers participating claim Dance Mix is the christmas of dance performances because it is THE BEST time of the year. This year they found a way to bring dance mix to everyone since performing on that large of a scale is just not feasible. The video was directed and edited by the amazing Emma Zordan. Please take a look at all of the hard working teams.


Dance Department Senior BFA Concerts: https://www.u-mseniordance.com/

Again, there are usually four performances spread out throughout the entire year for the senior dance majors to present their capstone projects. However, the dancers have created a website to share each of their works. The three shows are available through Monday May 3rd. It is free to watch!


Dance Department Power Center Performance:  https://www.facebook.com/umichsmtd

The Dance Department annually presents works of faculty members and invited choreographers. The show is not available yet but if you follow the SMTD Facebook page they will be sure to post about the show and update their followers on the availability.


Musical Theatre Senior Send-Off: https://www.facebook.com/umichsmtd

Again, the senior send-off will be premiering after graduation, keep your eye out on the Facebook for when it becomes available!


Godspell: https://www.facebook.com/umichsmtd

Godspell is a musical that some of the musical theatre students have adapted and performed it for the screen! The choreographer for this adaption is a senior musical theatre major.


Be sure to follow the Facebook and Instagram pages for UmichSMTD to keep up to date with the upcoming performances.

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