Parktown: Argo Dam

Argo Dam, North Campus

B2B Ann Arbor is a bike path connecting the fringes of Ypsilanti along the Huron River and into Ann Arbor. Much of the path snakes its way through an aging concrete skeleton between the two cities, but I found myself particularly taken by the scenery at this dam while taking a breather. The whole area is teeming with cyclists, hikers, families, and all sorts of characters who stopped to listen to the water crashing from up above. There’s something about the cascading water and the bend of the river that had me wanting to take a swim. Unfortunately, the beautiful and luscious leaves of a Michigan summer are beginning to crumple up and desaturate. Such warm-weathered activities are now retired for the year, yet it helps me to appreciate the mornings which grow colder.

It certainly still won’t stop me from walking around and taking in the scenery.

This image was taken on 10/9/21.


Hello! My name is Samuel Turner and I am a Junior here at the Stamps School of Art & Design. I work at Arts Ink as an illustrator, and I wish to share my art to inspire and to reflect on the beauty of the world around us!

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