Parktown: M-14 Exit 4 Bridge

M-14 Exit 4 Bridge, Central Campus

I have a long history with this highway overpass, strangely enough. I discovered these train tracks snaking between the many parks up the Huron River when first exploring Ann Arbor at the start of last year. Later during the winter time, I searched for a secluded spot to practice plein air oil painting and set up below the rumbling of cars of all places. I would not recommend painting in the winter without proper protective gear nor the sun to warm you up (even if I got a painting from the experience).

I was happy to return to this place and capture it again when I could finally use green on my canvas. The area has always struck me as a wonderful mixture of a desaturated human footprint, and the luscious abundance brought upon by nature.

This image was taken on 10/9/21.


Hello! My name is Samuel Turner and I am a Junior here at the Stamps School of Art & Design. I work at Arts Ink as an illustrator, and I wish to share my art to inspire and to reflect on the beauty of the world around us!

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1 month 7 days ago

I really like this picture. I like that you chose a less obvious spot.