Evolving Emotions: Awaiting the Boom

A lingering anticipation

Tenses your muscles

The very fibers of your being




Your throat constricts

A thump in your chest moves you

Something screams inside your skull


For the thunderous booms

That will invade your ears




Everything is still.


The drums erupt.


Pummeling the shingles

The wind howls in grief

At the loss of it all

Everything is washed away

A barren, hard wasteland


A rain of tears mourns for you

What once was hard, softens

Tremors pulse

In the aftermath


After a short while

And a long eternity

It ceases.


The anticipation begins once more.



Erin Knape is a sophomore who will major in psychology at the University of Michigan. Her greatest passions have always been the arts, whether that be writing, painting, or photography. Evolving Emotions, a weekly installment of digital art, poetry, photography, and short stories, aims to communicate the unifying concepts, thoughts, experiences, and emotions within the human experience. Explore Evolving Emotions' creations every Sunday.

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