Parktown: Bonisteel Trails


Stamps School of Art & Design, North Campus

For the longest time, the beauty of this secluded and small hill has confounded me. Tucked behind the art college, there is this sparsely trekked trail connecting you from the busy Fuller road up into the heart of North Campus. It is seriously one of the most picturesque, ripe areas for painting around campus as if the area was curated to function as inspiration for plein air artists. However, it seems to have been ignored by most art professors as a subject for study. It’s the same situation on the other side of the boulevard following the trail past the music college. There is this diversity of tree life and their strange distribution along the hill is something that shouldn’t me missed, and it’s definitely worth the trip between North and Central.

This image was taken on 11/16/21


Hello! My name is Samuel Turner and I am a Junior here at the Stamps School of Art & Design. I work at Arts Ink as an illustrator, and I wish to share my art to inspire and to reflect on the beauty of the world around us!

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