The Indian Artist: A Unique Canvas

Happy Monday everybody!! I hope that you are all doing well and had a restful Thanksgiving break. Mine was much needed and helped me to press the resent button in time for the next few weeks of final exams. Today I will be sharing a quick post on an interesting artist that I discovered recently who uses a very unique surface to create her work.

I introduce to you all Daria Kolosova, a Russian artist that creates incredible oil paintings on beautiful reflective, mirrored canvases. The signature of her work, more so than the subject and technique itself, is the glamorous rose gold surface she uses to paint. I was first drawn to her work for this reason as it is so unique and unlike anything that I have ever seen before. I am currently in pursuit of getting my hands on a similar canvas but it seems that it is a commercial secret as I have been unsuccessful in my attempts.

Daria paints in oil on both a traditional canvas and on real copper, the material from which her mirrored canvases are created. These canvases are the signature characteristic of her work. It seems that she and her team have been able to refine sheets of copper to create these canvases. Daria primarily works in realism, portraying captivating subject matter with layered meanings. Many of her paintings feature Scrooge McDuck, the illustrious uncle to Donald Duck. Her pieces make a powerful impression and set the character for any room they are featured in. Her strokes are soft yet bold and hold a defining texture to them.
I have attached the links to Daria’s Instagram and website. I know this was a short post but I wanted to take the time to feature and highlight a wonderfully unique artist.

As always, if anything that I discussed in this post stands out, or if any questions arise please feel free to comment and share your thoughts! I hope that you all have a wonderful rest of the semester and that exams treat you well!

Looking forward to next Monday!


~ Riya


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