Evolving Emotions: Not Very Merry

Why must the numbness set in?

Amidst the bountiful wreaths

The warm greetings

And a fireplace to match


Creeping into my mind

Infiltrating my thoughts

Manipulating my chest

Bleeding from my mouth


The eyes dull

The limbs lose concentration

The body stills


A blankness overwhelms

Focus settles

On the gleaming whiteness

Of the open air


Crispness envelops

The winter scene

Of snowy scapes

And a body on its surface


An icy chill works its way into the soul

There is no struggle

No escape

The bitter cold sets in

Solidifying the monstrous mind within


No matter.



As the children make angels in the snow,

The families rejoice in melodious activity,

And the merriment of all relaxes the world,


Am I here

On this Earth

Without a joy in my heart?


No matter.

Sorry, this poem was a bit of a downer. I truly hope that you have a wonderful holiday season. It’s important to make the most of life and create memories with those you care about. Share those moments, laugh, soak it in. Tell people you love them and don’t be afraid to take time for yourself. Don’t be like the person in this poem!! Wishing you a joyous and healthy end of the year, EKArts.
Here’s a more cheerful one! <|:)


Erin Knape is a freshman who intends to major in psychology at the University of Michigan. Her greatest passions have always been the arts, whether that be writing, painting, photography, or collaging. Evolving Emotions, a weekly installment of poetry and accompanying photography, aims to communicate the unifying conceptions, thoughts, experiences, and emotions felt throughout the college journey. Explore the inner workings of a chaotic mind in Evolving Emotions every Sunday.

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