Evolving Emotions: Resolve

A much-awaited blank slate

A fresh commencement

A new beginning


Millions flock

With hopeful hearts

And passionate gazes


Purchase a membership

Begin an instrument

Preserve the coin


Stop smoking

Quit biting your nails

End negative self-talk


Do better

Be better

Live better


Newfound confidence

In a person, just the same

In a year, just the same

As before


A new package

Wrapping glimmers beneath

An optimistic bow


Inside a gray waste

Previous aspirations

Tossed aside

A mangled mess of guilt awry


Pointlessness is relative

Some cling to goals

Triumph in the struggle

And come out champions of their mind


Most others agree

A new year

Is a number.






The moment motivation grips you

Run with it

Awaiting that square on your calendar

Is an absurd venture


Move your body

And achieve


One life to live

Why spend it waiting?


Why say, I’ll stop and smell the roses next year?


Erin Knape is a freshman who intends to major in psychology at the University of Michigan. Her greatest passions have always been the arts, whether that be writing, painting, photography, or collaging. Evolving Emotions, a weekly installment of poetry and accompanying photography, aims to communicate the unifying conceptions, thoughts, experiences, and emotions felt throughout the college journey. Explore the inner workings of a chaotic mind in Evolving Emotions every Sunday.

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2 Comments on "Evolving Emotions: Resolve"

Wendi Knape
4 months 7 days ago

Such a good one, your New Years poem.