The Mercenary Guild Uniform


Hey all, here’s to acknowledging the start of a new semester. Personally, it’s been a bit hectic for me; I’ve been facing questions on what I want to do with my life and which classes I should choose or swap. But I still love what I do here. I still love working on my story.

This is my uniform design process for the antagonists of my story. They come from a guild of mercenaries from a different world based on Norse myths and they want to cause trouble for the protagonists. I wanted this futuristic viking sort of look to them. The uniforms took inspiration from the KNY uniforms in that I wanted to make them simple yet customizable.


J. Shen or "Micey" is an undecided Freshman at Umich. She loves character design and telling stories and dabbles in making her own comics. Sketchbook Smashing is her attempt to chronicle her process in designing characters. From first concepts, hairstyle and outfit changes, or even complete shifts in design. She also hopes to map out how her own art style changes throughout the year. Her website is

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