Scribble #12: Batmobile


“Fire up the Batmobile”

When I’m feeling overwhelmed or upset, my first instinct is to be alone. This can be physically alone, like staying alone in my room, or mentally alone, like walking the crowded streets where I know I will not be recognized or talked to. Taking time away – taking a step back – helps me calm down and reconnect with myself, my desires, and my values.

“‘Cause I gotta get out of here.”

As much as I love being able to take a necessary step back, I’ve realized that running away will not solve any problems that I may be experiencing. Regardless, taking time to clear my head so I can react to a problem rationally instead of emotionally is something that I value. Most likely, the problem I face is internal, and those kinds of problems would follow me no matter how remote a place I could travel to.

“It’s the mouth of the gift horse I know,” 

That’s what makes it important for me to remember to not take a permanent step back. I can compose myself and collect my thoughts for a moment, but I need to get back on my game as soon as possible in order to continue bettering myself and my life. If I don’t take action for self-improvement, I’ll end up running forever, and I know I don’t want that for myself.

“But I gave it my best shot.”

Like Liz Phair sings in today’s song Batmobile, sometimes when I feel like I am not being heard or understood I feel the need to flee, and that’s okay, provided I eventually come back and fight for the change that I want. Time to reflect is often necessary for me to ensure I am making a good decision, and after I reflect, I will come back in full force and proceed with confidence.

“I gave you the performance of a lifetime.”

Listen to Batmobile here:

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