Evolving Emotions: You

Everything reminds me of you.


The faces whirl by in a sea of familiarity

I think I recognize your smile,

your walk,

your presence

I don’t.


A laugh echoes down the strange hallway

It settles into my ears swiftly and soundly

But it’s not you.


Tears flood my eyes in your absence.

The comfort that held me is no longer.

Is home really home anymore?

Is life what it was before?


But I miss you.


I miss you and your

Charming intricacies

Audacious interests

Burning desires

The words you gifted others

The humility woven in your soul


Nobody can compare

And content will come

But for now

Everything reminds me of you.


This is the first poem I wrote when I arrived at this university. Walking by new people was like getting shot. There were a lot of tears. Everything was so new and so familiar all at once. It did get better in time, though.


Erin Knape is a sophomore who will major in psychology at the University of Michigan. Her greatest passions have always been the arts, whether that be writing, painting, or photography. Evolving Emotions, a weekly installment of digital art, poetry, photography, and short stories, aims to communicate the unifying concepts, thoughts, experiences, and emotions within the human experience. Explore Evolving Emotions' creations every Sunday.

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