Yesterday: Batman – The Long Halloween (1996)

As a long time Batman fan, I was super excited when The Batman finally came out a few weeks ago. So for this week’s post, I wanted to combine one of my favorite Batman comics, The Long Halloween (1996), with the new Batman movie, drawing Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz in place of the comic book versions. I hope you like this rendition, and if you have the time, check out the comic or the movie!

The Original Comic Strip


hey, i'm an artist whose always been fascinated by different cultures and history throughout the years. in my current series “Yesterday”, i make pieces that can include any aspects from the past, from as early as many centuries ago to as late as the 2000s. whether it’s a historical awareness piece or simply sketches of my favorite 90s films and music, i hope you enjoy some of my work and hopefully learn about something new!

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2 Comments on "Yesterday: Batman – The Long Halloween (1996)"

3 months 23 hours ago

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY STUNNINGGGG !!! so happy to see batman art, they look amazing in this style!!!! I loved this movie so much T____T