Academia Jukebox: Garden Song

Phoebe Bridgers is one of my all time favorite artists. Though her music may be about a specific event or situation, the emotions she sings about are universal. I personally interpret Garden Song, the second track on her most recent album “Punisher”, as the changes in our lives and in ourselves as we grow up. Noticing how much I’ve grown up always comes as a shock to me. I was (and still am) nervous about becoming an adult and all the responsibilities that come with it. But when I take a second to acknowledge my growth, or see myself from an outside perspective, I have to admit I’m making progress. Though other people might not know about the fears you had getting here, recognizing that you’re growing well can put some of your anxiety at about the future at ease. Or at least, it does for me. Definitely listen to Bridgers’ “Punisher” if you haven’t before, it’s a work of art!


Hey! I'm a current Pre-Med student here at Umich. I'm always listening to music, whether I'm studying, walking to classes, or just relaxing. I've decided to share some of my favorite song lyrics here each week, and portray my interpretation of them based of my experience as a student. Thanks for checking out my work and hopefully I can introduce you to some new music!

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