Yesterday: Snail Diner

For this week’s edition of Yesterday, I painted an old-fashioned diner with an elderly snail enjoying some bacon and eggs, inspired by @slimetownusa on TikTok. As shown through the window, the newspaper, and the TV, there’s some trouble in the Snail Diner. While I wanted to make a cute painting, I also wanted to connect the 50s-style diner with the Cold War era going on at the time, in which there was a large nuclear war scare. The significance of the diner patron being a snail is up for interpretation!


hey, i'm an artist whose always been fascinated by different cultures and history throughout the years. in my current series “Yesterday”, i make pieces that can include any aspects from the past, from as early as many centuries ago to as late as the 2000s. whether it’s a historical awareness piece or simply sketches of my favorite 90s films and music, i hope you enjoy some of my work and hopefully learn about something new!

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