Academia Jukebox: Vacation

The song Vacation by the indie folk band Florist is full of nostalgia for childhood and sadness for how our image of the world changes. I think a lot of people relate to having these big dreams when we’re kids, but as we grow up we realize that’s not what we really want to do or be. Sometimes we can feel trapped in our dreams, like we have a responsibility to follow up on what we’ve wanted our whole lives. But as Florist points out, dreams change and so do our ideas of what a meaningful life is. Like a lot of the lyrics that I talk about here, I think a key takeaway is being okay with change and uncertain futures. Florist is a great indie artist if you’re into folk music, you can check out their Spotify here. 


Hey! I'm a current Pre-Med student here at Umich. I'm always listening to music, whether I'm studying, walking to classes, or just relaxing. I've decided to share some of my favorite song lyrics here each week, and portray my interpretation of them based of my experience as a student. Thanks for checking out my work and hopefully I can introduce you to some new music!

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