the Fluxcharger Drummer

Hello there! These are designs for a DnD NPC’s band member. They’re all lightning/thunder-themed because the lead singer is an air genie. I asked my DM for advice on band members and he suggested I add one based on a fluxcharger monster, which was a good idea! I shaped the lightning arching off a charger’s head into an afro-shaped and I played around with silhouette. I thought about making them like a mermaid but the movement seemed awkward. I like the octopus version more. I thought about giving them painted tattoos but those turned out really hard to draw.

The bottom pictures are concept designs for the entire gang.


J. Shen or "Micey" is a sophomore at Umich. She loves character design and telling stories and dabbles in making her own comics. Sketchbook Smashing is an attempt to chronicle her process in designing characters. From first concepts, hairstyle and outfit changes, or even complete shifts in design. She also hopes to map out how her own art style changes throughout the year. Her website is Her art Tumblr is

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