Academia Jukebox: Art School Wannabe

This week’s lyrics are from the first verse of Sorority Noise’s Art School Wannabe. Though the song is actually about the artist coming to terms with the fact that he might not be (or no longer is) the dark/unhappy person characterized by his music, I think the first couple lyrics are pretty relatable to many as we enter exam season. Here’s a reminder to take care of yourself while during this time of year and good luck to everyone! Link to check out Sorority Noise here.


Hey! I'm a current Pre-Med student here at Umich. I'm always listening to music, whether I'm studying, walking to classes, or just relaxing. I've decided to share some of my favorite song lyrics here each week, and portray my interpretation of them based of my experience as a student. Thanks for checking out my work and hopefully I can introduce you to some new music!

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