LOG-013: smoke signals



ALL CHAN. [Area of non-pertinent or no conversation.]


FE-EC3 * a distress signal. (come/c’mon) check over here.

FE-EC3 yes. (tune/turn) up the V-H-F.

FE-EC3 yes sir. 

FE-EC3 okay. detecting transmission now–


FE-MC1-VHF mayday mayday mayday– this is Mariner Crew-1– sustained critical systems damage due to debris collision– evacuation requested, no propulsive power. mayday mayday mayday– this is Mariner Crew-1– sustained critical systems damage—

FE-EC3-VHF Mariner Crew-1 this is Eureka Crew-3 [ident code redacted] responding to distress call. do you read?

FE-MC1-VHF Mariner Crew-1 to Eureka Crew-3 reads loud and clear.

FE-EC3-VHF Mariner Crew-1 this is Eureka Crew-3– who is speaking? 

FE-MC1-VHF this is Flight Engineer @FE-MC1 of Mariner Crew-1.

FE-EC3-VHF Eureka Crew-3 copies. Mariner Crew-1 what is your current location and crew status?

FE-MC1-VHF location sector gamma-four. original flight path on VICTOR route– about three light-seconds out from waypoint two– deviation of 321-056-010. we had an hull breach– space debris collision– we lost propulsive power and life support systems sustained critical damage. @CDR-MC1 and @MS-MC1 are incapacitated– they’re in cryo now. One fatality– we lost @PLS-MC1 to injuries suffered during initial collision.

FE-EC3-VHF Eureka Crew-3 copies. will relay information to commander @CDR-EC3.


FE-EC3 sir– yes. yup. 

FE-EC3 mhm. okay. 


FE-EC3-VHF Mariner Crew-1 Eureka Crew-3– commander @CDR-EC3 is currently contacting Mission Control for clearance– hold tight.

FE-MC1-VHF roger.


ALL CHAN. [Area of non-pertinent or no conversation.]


FE-MC1-VHF Eureka Crew-3– this is Mariner Crew-1. do you have an estimated response time?

FE-MC1-VHF Eureka Crew-3 do you copy?

FE-EC3-VHF Eureka Crew-3 copies. apologies for the delay. response approval still in progress.

FE-MC1-VHF copy that.


ALL CHAN. [Area of non-pertinent or no conversation.]


FE-MC1-VHF Eureka Crew-3 Mariner Crew-1. I uh– I have a personal request.

FE-EC3-VHF go ahead.

FE-MC1-VHF can Eureka Crew-3 stay on the line?

FE-EC3-VHF negatory– comms must remain clear.

FE-MC1-VHF Mariner Crew-1 acknowledges.


ALL CHAN. [Area of non-pertinent or no conversation.]


FE-EC3-VHF Eureka Crew-3 will try our best in the meantime.

FE-MC1-VHF acknowledged– thank you very much.

FE-MC1-VHF I’m routing (the signal) through the handheld * * can * carry *.


? * * [Static and rustling noises obscure the rest of the message from FE-MC1.]


FE-MC1-VHF * Mariner Crew-1, radio check?

FE-EC3-VHF good and readable.

FE-MC1-VHF hmm. [further rustling noises, likely FE-MC1 tweaking the handheld radio.]

FE-MC1-VHF radio check?

FE-EC3-VHF loud and clear.

FE-MC1-VHF alright.

FE-EC3 understood.


FE-EC3-VHF Mariner Crew-1 if Eureka Crew-3 deviates from current route– E-T-A will be approximately one-three hours.

FE-MC1-VHF confirm E-T-A one-three hours?

FE-MC1-VHF affirmative.

FE-MC1-VHF copy. okay.

FE-MC1-VHF I’m going to go check on the hydroponics systems. 

FE-EC3-VHF acknowledged. Eureka Crew-3 will keep you updated.

FE-MC1-VHF thanks.


FE-EC3 one-three hours? Okay.


FE-MC1-VHF ah– yeah– hydroponics lost power too.


FE-EC3 I’ll pass it on.


FE-EC3-VHF Mariner Crew-1 we are now diverting to your location. E-T-A one-three-point-four hours.

FE-MC1-VHF copy– one-three-point-four hours. thank you very much.

FE-MC1-VHF Eureka Crew-3 who am I speaking to?

FE-EC3-VHF this is @FE-EC3. 

FE-MC1-VHF is this your first emergency response?

FE-EC3-VHF affirmative… first long-duration flight too– actually.

FE-MC1-VHF (well/wow) isn’t that exciting– congrats.

FE-EC3-VHF thank you.

FE-MC1-VHF ever been to the (Hub) near Station Foxtrot? the one in Sector Gamma-One– I mean.

FE-EC3-VHF I have not.

FE-MC1-VHF it’s got (these/those) big crystal gardens. absolutely lovely.

FE-EC3-VHF I’m sure they are quite a sight.

FE-MC1-VHF mhmm. they’re all (natural from) a formation harvested from– harvested from one of the comets way out * *.

FE-MC1-VHF sorry (man/ma’am)– I’m rambling. it’s been so quiet here. honestly…

FE-EC3-VHF it’s okay.


ALL CHAN. [Area of non-pertinent or no conversation.]


FE-EC3-VHF @FE-MC1? you– uhh– like animals?

FE-MC1-VHF yeah. no pets– unfortunately– you know the life. [brief laughter.]

FE-EC3-VHF I get it. I like dogs– especially the big fluffy ones. never pet one before though.

FE-MC1-VHF never? wow. you’re missing out. 

FE-MC1-VHF tell you what– tell you what– if we get to meet up off-duty I’m gonna buy you tickets to a– I dunno. a petting zoo or something. a space petting zoo.

FE-EC3-VHF ha. 

FE-MC1-VHF was that too forward of me?

FE-EC3-VHF no– no. you’re fine.


ALL CHAN. [Area of non-pertinent or no conversation.]


FE-EC3-VHF Mariner Crew-1. Eureka Crew-3. do you read?

FE-EC3-VHF Mariner Crew-1 do you read?

FE-MC1-VHF Crew-1 reads. [spoken softly]

FE-MC1-VHF [sound of low intensity electronic beeping.]


FE-EC3-VHF Eureka three to Mariner one– our E-T-A is one-one hours. what is your status?

FE-MC1-VHF checked the auxiliary hold again– airlock two… completely compromised. backup generator blown… but main * * * [signal noise masks FE-MC1]

FE-EC3-VHF say again?

FE-MC1-VHF backup generator blown. main power seems to be holding steady now.

FE-EC3-VHF life support systems status?

FE-MC1-VHF couldn’t fix it. still (critical).

FE-EC3-VHF oxygen levels?

FE-MC1-VHF uhh– *. probably enough. 

FE-EC3-VHF professional estimate. please.

FE-MC1-VHF mmm. for two people in cryo– (for/four) hours. maybe. * losing cabin pressure faster than I thought though.

FE-EC3-VHF I’m sorry. 

FE-MC1-VHF ’s not your fault.

FE-EC3-VHF we should have—

FE-MC1-VHF like I said– it’s not your fault. I’m amazed * * * the call at all seeing as we’re in the middle of # nowhere. I would ask for forgiveness– * not that sorry for being selfish. 

FE-MC1-VHF [sound similar to low oxygen warning activating.]

FE-EC3-VHF so you knew.

FE-MC1-VHF I had hoped. well. that at least my crewmates can make it out.





VO2 avg awake  = 12.0 mL/kg/min = 720 mL/kg/hr

VO2 min asleep = 3.0 mL/kg/min = 180 mL/kg/hr


2 people (180 mL/kg/hr * 4 hr) = 1440 mL/kg

1440 mL/kg / 720 mL/kg/hr = 2 hr (1 person)


Traveler is the pseudonym given to the unknown author of a series of documents containing items such as official reports, memos, photographs, and letters during and after the Second Golden Age of Human Space Exploration. Traveler's Log is an ongoing project to transcribe and archive these documents.

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