Inside the Atelier: Episode 1

Episode 1: Finding Inspiration

Hey there!

Welcome to my series Inside the Atelier! This series will be a behind the scenes look at my garment design process. I’m currently at the beginning stages of a new project focused on costuming–specifically creating custom garments for drag performers on campus in hopes of spotlighting queer individuals. I’m so excited to take you along this journey throughout the next couple weeks!

Finding Inspiration

The first step when I start designing is always looking for inspiration. I find that inspiration can come from quite literally everything–it doesn’t have to relate to my final product at all. I often take pictures of my surroundings when I see something interesting to use at a later date–and I spend a lot of time on Pinterest. I then compile the shapes, colors, textures, and other elements that I see within my surroundings and sourced images to create a moodboard. This moodboard becomes the starting point for me to start designing.



Hi I'm Xia! I am currently a sophomore studying Art and Design with a focus in fashion and textiles. Right now, I am working on a series where I design costumes for drag performers. Feel free to look around and thanks for stopping by! <3 ig: @fairyxias

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2 months 19 days ago

I’m so excited for your series, this sounds so cool! I love the moodboard too 🙂