Sagas Among the Arcana: A Reading for 2023


The five of cups advises to let go of disappointments from the previous year. They are still felt tickling the bottoms of feet like dirt one can’t wait to wash off. The year won’t be truly new unless those regrets are washed off.



The nine of pentacles suggests that by now there is comfort in the new year. One may feel accomplished for pushing through and they find a reason to reward themselves. Perhaps some dining dollar funds have reset and there is a need to indulge. Just be weary not to overindulge.



The six of cups. 2 months passed since many may have been at home. Luckily spring break approaches to appease nostalgia. Soon love may be re-shared with close ones.



The day almost ends above the queen of swords’ head, much like the end of the semester approaches. Ready to toil for finals, or maybe prepare for a new life ahead. 



The five of swords. Were there defeats in the past semester? Did plans fall apart? One may be trapped in a pre-summer prison wondering where everything went wrong.



For those with new jobs, the king of swords suggests that they fortitude themselves with a clearer conscience. Now is the time to find clarity and wield newly earned intellect.



The four of wands. Either one has grown accustomed to their new life or has taken comfort within their old one. Either way, they are content with the progression of the year.



Five of wands. Do tensions rise in the August heat? Those still in school must return to it, and they may find themselves in a new sphere. But what good will this new community bring?



The hanged man suggests uncertainty. At any time the rope may snap and one may plummet. Or there may be someone nice enough to pull them up. Treat September like a fun gamble.



The nine of wands demonstrate persistence. The days are getting darker, but they should not be upset. One must use the tools around them to their benefit.



The Hermit advises wisdom while approaching the end. Do not be rash so as not to close on a bad note.



Strength is needed in the chaos of the conclusion. Do not get lost in a storm. Now is the time to put an end to any demons. This time, walk into the new year with clean feet, scarce of dirt.


Obviously, these cards have no sway over the future, but it is still nice to imagine and guess the lessons we can take from them into each month.

Happy new year!


Suparna Hande is a sophomore majoring in Creative Writing & Literature and Asian Studies. Her series Sagas Among the Arcana intends to create short fiction/poetry inspired by weekly tarot readings, bringing attention to a unique art form full of stunning symbolism. In her free time, she enjoys playing the violin and dancing.

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