The Jukebox: Abigail

Lyrics from “Abigail” by Frankie Cosmos. I think a lot of people can relate to looking back at their past selves and feeling embarrassment or even aversion. This song follows up that sentiment by stating they should cut their past self some slack, as much as they might dislike them now. Oftentimes we were doing the best that we could given certain circumstances, and didn’t have the knowledge or wisdom we currently have. I wanted to visualize this by showing the past version of oneself tangled up in a metaphorical string, unable to get out or protect themselves from the rain. The present version has the resources to keep themselves dry. Though they can’t help protect their past selves they can give them grace. I think doing our past selves small acts of kindness like this is really important to taking care of ourselves in the present.


Thimai is a sophomore majoring in biology, health & society. Combining their interests of art and music they make weekly comics based on a variety of song lyrics. They hope to illuminate their experience as a student through this medium and connect with others who relate. Plus, share some music!

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