Chroma #9: Reservoir Dogs

WARNING: Movie spoilers (Reservoir Dogs (1992)) and Blood

Recently, I’ve been obsessed with something I watched back in high school: Reservoir Dogs, a movie that surrounds a jewelry store heist gone wrong. It’s been a while since I’ve watched it, but something about its gritty and hyper-masculine, yet vulnerable nature really appealed to me back then (and still does). Despite the movie surrounding a jewelry store heist, it never shows any scenes from the heist itself, instead focusing more around the aftermath and the relationships of the characters. This week, I painted a study of a frame from one of the final scenes of the movie: one of the main characters, shot in the stomach, is bleeding out in a warehouse. I love the raw emotion the scene held, and if you’ve watched the movie, you know the ending can be quite dramatic and emotional. I’m pretty proud of this study, and although I didn’t completely render everything, I wanted to post it anyway. Definitely give the movie a watch if you have the time!



hey! i'm dai, a CS sophomore looking to (hopefully) double minor in APIA studies and Art and Design. i'm a mainly digital artist who loves color and wants to improve and expand on my coloring abilities. in my current series “Chroma”, i'll generate a new color palette each week using a randomized color palette generator, and then create an illustration based off it. along the way, i hope to capture the creative process of my art, as well as the different gradients of life. enjoy!

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