Sagas Among the Arcana: Impulse

The Devil is drawn — addiction, strange experiences


“Have you heard of the snake upon the hill?”

Everyone is aware of that snake. One knows its existence as well as they know that the sky is blue. However, today the sky is red, so maybe some do not know of its existence as well. But I do — which is why I am at the hill — which is what I also told the woman. 

“Then why go up it?”

Why? Does one know why the sky is blue? No, it just is — just how Impulse is. Impulse that now leads me up the hill. It doesn’t speak to me, it only grasps my hand firmly. It won’t seem like it will leave me anytime soon. 

Impulse tells me things, not through words, but through actions. It’s telling me now that I have to meet the Devil Snake — I did not know it was called the Devil Snake, but Impulse decides that it is. 

Then, when I reach the cave Impulse also commands that I take it as a sword and slay the serpent, and who am I to refuse Impulse’s command? So it slithers down my arm to my palm where it allows me to hold it by its legs. I go into the cave with Impulse’s strong hold on me. Its strong hold tugs me through the dark cool archway, which immediately consumes us within its darkness. 

I can only see the Devil Snake because it is on fire, making it glow an unearthly amber. It hisses, a pink tongue sticks out. Impulse resolves that I must cut it. I flinch, for once doubting Impulse. What if it eats me? But Impulse never answers. Reason is not in its nature. So blindly I follow Impulse — it is all that I have to drive me. 

I charge and jump up, but the snake is far too long, and Impulse doesn’t give me the strength to reach it.

After all, it is not in Impulse’s nature to give. Impulse serves itself. After me, it will find someone else to follow it.

The serpent swallows me. Today the sky is black.

The Devil from Tarot of the Divine




Suparna Hande is a sophomore majoring in Creative Writing & Literature and Asian Studies. Her series Sagas Among the Arcana intends to create short fiction/poetry inspired by weekly tarot readings, bringing attention to a unique art form full of stunning symbolism. In her free time, she enjoys playing the violin and dancing.

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