The Jukebox: Black Water

Lyrics from “Black Water” by Of Monsters and Men. I interpreted these lyrics as someone who dreams of a life they’d enjoy more than the one they have now, but are too scared of the risks that come with breaking from convention. In the first panel the character is held down by the weights of their day-to-day life. They stare at the much more free-looking ocean. They know there’s nothing stopping them from taking that path but, their fear is holding them back. Getting too caught up with the struggles of surviving the ‘black water’ they don’t get to live the life they want, rather observe as someone else lives out their dream. The song continues more optimistically, the lines “but I’m ready to suffer the sea / black water, take over” later follow. Seeing someone else surviving the storms at sea while still smiling gives the character the inspiration to take this path as well. The last panel is homage to the music video “Love Love Love” also from Of Monsters and Men. I really enjoy their music as I think their lyrics can be interpreted in lots of different ways, and anyone can see themselves in their songs.


Thimai is a sophomore majoring in biology, health & society. Combining their interests of art and music they make weekly comics based on a variety of song lyrics. They hope to illuminate their experience as a student through this medium and connect with others who relate. Plus, share some music!

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